Shell sizing your ski boots

Caveat Emptor! Barry from Ski Connexions explains why you need to shell size your boots before you buy.
Shell Sizing – Using the boot spreader to confirm the shell size and foot shape
Buying boots can be a daunting experience there are so many to choose from and we have to trust the sales person to pick the right one for us. People always ask me advice about which boot to buy and how to tell “if the sales person is picking the right boot for me”.

Ski boot shell-sizing with boot spreader

Shell Sizing – Using the boot spreader to confirm the shell size and foot shape

My advice for people buying new boots is very simple, first and foremost “ if the sales person doesn’t ask you to take off your shoes and socks so that they can look at your foot – be concerned! “if the salesperson doesn’t look at your barefoot in the shell of the boot (without the boot liner)”- buyer beware, they do not know how to fit boots!The first step in boot fitting is to match a boot to the shape of your foot. All manufacturers and models are different. Some boots are wide, some are narrow, some boots have lots of volume, some have minimal volume, some have higher narrower cuffs and some have lower rounder cuffs. Sometimes it can even come down to the angle of forward lean in boots that can make your fit different.

Barry Allison from Ski Connexion

Barry fastens his safety goggles before grinding a pair of boots.

It is essential to see the bare foot in the shell before knowing what you need.
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